About Us

    • MobileAssist is a FREE App for ALL End Users. The App provides the user with one-click access to all commercial, government, and non-profit organization’s communication channels via this single mobile app.


    • With MobileAssist businesses and organizations can provide;


    • Turn-by-turn directions to their location(s)
    • Distribute notifications and coupons directly to their customers and members
    • Provide access to all of their communication touch points via a single app. (Phone, email, coupons, notifications, commerce, social media…)


    • There are sixty (60) different categories in which businesses, and organizations can be listed in the MobileAssist App.


    • Categories are listed alphabetically in the MobileAssist dashboard, and businesses and organizations are listed alphabetically within each category as well as by their geographic proximity to the User’s current location;


    • Users can search by name or scroll to find the specific company or organization listing they are looking for.
    • Users can see the location of the listing in relation to their current location, favorite the listing, or obtain turn-by-turn directions.


    • The MobileAssist App provides a menu of features and functionality that allows the User to customize how they use the App.


    • Users can easily access information that is important to them based on their personal preferences.


    • Promotional campaigns such as Scratch & Win can be accessed via the My Campaigns function.


  • My Wallet allows the user to purchase MobileAssist Credits within the app using a debit or credit card. Credits can also be purchased/TopUp in person at any Omni location.