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Products Offered
CBI Mobile (Bah) Ltd.offers several functional channels to its merchant customers that can be used to facilitate various financial transactions within its ecosystem. These functional channels require a set up fee as well as a monthly subscription fee that the Merchant can pay directly using a credit or debit card.

1. Bill Payment Services
The Bill Payment function allows merchants to offer electronic bill payment services to their clients. This service requires a $99 one time set up fee and a $25 monthly support services subscription fee.

2. eCommerce Store
The eCommerce function allows merchants to set up and manage their own mobile store within the CBI Mobile (Bah0 Ltd. platform. This channel offers product management, and delivery services. This function requires a minimum $499 one time set up fee and a $99 monthly support services fee.

3. Scan & Pay
Scan & Pay is a point-of-sale transaction function that allows merchants to accept digital payments for goods and services from consumers via a scannable QR Code. The Scan & Pay functional channel comes complete with a mobile app and web-based point of sales management tool. This function requires a minimum $99 one time set up fee and a $29 monthly support services fee.

4. Event Ticketing
The Event Ticketing channel allows merchants to go paperless for their events. The function allows merchants to set up their event, specific the number and pricing for tickets, provide for generation and delivery of tickets, and provide an integrated ticket reader function within the mobile application. This function requires a minimum $99 one time set up fee.

5. Donation Channel
The Donation channel allows merchants to accept donations from customers. These donations will be placed directly in the Merchant’s digital wallet account. This function requires a $99 one time set up fee.

6. Digital Wallet Top Up
End User Customers can add money to their wallet using their debit or credit card. The end user can load as much money to their digital wallets as allowed by the system. The loading of the digital wallet is handled via the CBI Mobile (Bah) Ltd. app.

Customer Service Contacts
Phone: 242-828-0824

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