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Do you have a cash intensive business and want to reduce the amount of cash on your premises? Our Premium $can & Pay with CashBack service allows your customers to use their app to withdraw cash and you’ll earn on each CashBack transaction. 
$can & Pay is perfect for businesses that want to pay less than the standard 4% credit card processing fees or don’t want to invest in costly credit card terminals. We accept all major credit cards & Sand Dollar.
Pay only $25 per month and a one time only set up fee of $99.
Our Bill Pay service allows you to accept payments from customers anywhere at any time. This option is especially useful for businesses that require deposits, pre-payment and subscription payments. You can be set up in less than 48 hours.
Pay only $25 per month and a one-time only set up fee of $99.

Now your non-profit or charitable organization can collect donations locally and internationally with no costly overseas transfers. Ask us about our Funds For Food program which assists your organization with the distribution of funding recipients can use for groceries at our participating locations.

Our new platform gives you the ability to sell assigned seating both on the web & through our App. Track ticket sales in real time. To scan your tickets at the door/gate, you only need a mobile device. Ask about our security features that prevent duplications of QR codes and about our Promo Team who assist with Ticket Scanning at your next event.

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Pre-Built Demos Collection

Consultio comes with a beautiful collection of modern, easily importable, and highly customizable demo layouts. Any of which can be installed via one click.

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