How Do I Download MobileAssist?
-MobileAssist can be found in the App Store (iOs) and the Play Store (Android). Search keyword “mobileassist” (no space) and click Install to Download the MobileAssist App to Your Smartphone.

How Do I Register on MobileAssist?
-Once you have downloaded the MobileAssist App, open the app and click the “Register” button displayed. Once you agree with the Terms fill out the registration information and complete.

How Do I Load My MobileAssist Wallet?
-Once you have downloaded the MobileAssist App, go to “My Wallet” on the homepage. Create your 4 digit pin and security questions and fill in your debit/credit card information.

How Do I Reset My MobileAssist Pin?
-Open the MobileAssist App and go to “My Wallet” on the homepage. Once selected, there will be a “Forgot Pin/Reset Pin” link at the bottom of the wallet pin information. Select the link and answer the chosen security question. After answering the security question correctly, enter your new 4 digit pin.

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