MobileAssist® records 100,000 downloads of its app signalling a shift in shopper migration to m-commerce platforms

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February 8th, 2021… MobileAssist® rolled out its suite of M-Commerce products in January 2020 the app (known as primarily as a directory service) had less than 50,000 downloads at that time. A year later, the app which offers a number of ‘pay by phone’ features hit the 100,000 download milestone. With anchor businesses such as Super Value Quality Supermarkets, REV, ALIV and New Providence Water Development Company using the platform to increase digital sales, the company believes its expansion of business providers, user confidence and the challenges Covid-19 restrictions presented have all contributed to its growth.

Said CEO & Co-Founder, Dr. Donovan Moxey, “We have followed our tech roadmap and we are constantly updating and adding features that set us apart from our competitors from both the end user and merchant stand-point. An example of this is our $can & Pay with CashBack feature launched in Super Value stores throughout New Providence in December of 2020.” This service requires no POS integration and end users need only download the app, register, create a wallet and load it to use their phones to pay, and as a virtual ATM card to withdraw cash at registers.

Another factor leading to the app’s popularity can be attributed to its user-friendly interface. Conducting a poll among registered users, MobileAssist® found that 90% of users gave the app an overall rating of 5 stars. “It was important for us to understand how our customers felt about us. The poll was created using the app’s polling feature and we were able to gather key customer feedback,” explained Adria McCardy, Marketing Manager, MobileAssist®. McCardy further revealed that the low percentage of customers who rated the app lower, readily admitted that they were new to technology and that their comfortability was growing with each transaction. A series of simple YouTube ‘How To’ videos speaking to features has also been created to assist in this regard.

Transactions have also increased substantially during the course of the year with Bill Pay, $can & Pay with CashBack and Donations being the most popular, followed closely by growth in phone-to-phone Money Transfers and Mobile Store purchases.

“It is important to add that while we have well known enterprises using MobileAssist® as merchants, our small business base is also increasing month by month. We began this journey with less than 10 vendors in this category increasing to more than 120 businesses to date.” Dr. Moxey noted. Importers, salons, clothing stores, car rental companies and restaurants make up this sector of the MobileAssist® Eco$ystem™ and find it an alternative to pricey card terminals. Said owner of Tropical Gyros, Chef Culmer, “We were losing sales, especially with the demand for in-store and curbside pick-ups because we didn’t have the ability to accept carded transactions. Implementing the MobileAssist® $can and Pay service took no time at all and gave us the functionality needed at a fraction of the cost. As a small but growing business, expense and integration were major factors in the decision to go digital.”

The introduction of the Sand Dollar will bring about even more innovation for MobileAssist® with integration now in its soft launch phase. Mass loading of payroll accounts have been developed within MobileAssist as the Central Bank’s network organically improves cash-out points and more ways to spend digital currency. Concluded Dr. Moxey, “We anticipate that the trend toward M-Commerce will continue to strengthen based on our growth trajectory. It is a natural transition from cash to an era where convenience and acceptance of digital spending are on the rise.” With the inclusion of the Sand Dollar in the app, end users can easily create their accounts and easily conduct transactions within the platform.

To join the celebration of 100,000 downloads, for limited time app users can enter to win the ‘100K Giveaway Sweeps’ with each transaction. Prizes of $10 and $20 with the grand prize of $350 digital wallet loads will be given to lucky winners.


Photo Captions:
Small Business Owner and Female Entrepreneur Carla Edwards uses the MobileAssist® $can & Pay Feature At Salon Fusion To Facilitate Credit & Debit Card Transactions.

Users Give The MobileAssist® App A 5 Star Rating During A Recent Poll Siting Its User Friendly Interface As A Major Driver In The Ranking

More About MobileAssist®
MobileAssist ® is regulated by the Central Bank of The Bahamas and its software platform is hosted in the Amazon Cloud, taking advantage of one of the most secure and scalable global platforms. With over 120 essential and non-essential businesses to choose from, app users can transact from the safety of their smart-phones. To date there has been over 100,000 downloads of the MobileAssist® app.


For More Information Contact:

Selina Archer
Marketing Consultant
242 803 9194

Adria McCardy
Marketing Manager
242 810 5793

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